My name is Carol Phillips Hurst. I am an artist and a photographer working in Capetown in South Africa. My studio is in Simons Town in the Western Cape.

I grew up in the darkroom with my dad from the tender age of two. He also encouraged my art practices. I chose photography as a career and a profession and have been a successful photographer in my country for thirty years now.

Although I am a photographer I have always kept up with my art and studied through various teachers through the years.

It was later in life that I chose to do a BVA degree in the visual arts at the University of South Africa.

Here I learnt that painting pretty pictures was no longer the only option. I became aware of the conceptual art practices thought out the world. This is certainly not new art practice but it is definitely open-ended and thought provoking. Conceptual art tackles many of our social issues today. Political, environmental and gender platforms are structured to voice an idea without persuasion. The art might suggest an impressionable trace for you to think, ponder or even ignore.

“Excavating the excavated” is a collection of pieces dealing with relevant issues in our societies that have been addressed before and have thought to have been settled in dispute.

However discussions that were made then in all the arenas are no longer relevant even defunct and archaic in thought.

“Excavating the Excavated”

An exhibition by PHILLIPS HURST hosted in Vienna by the gallery Steiner.

An open-ended discourse of oil paintings, photography and wax. Looking at and re-looking at-“ value end life death living nothing something done undone first last gather fun sundark matter exposed disintegrate come greed tragedy systems loop”

Materials used are oil paint on canvas. Photography wax, ink, oil paint coupled with mark making. The materials are used to demonstrate and help inform the concept.

I have exhibited through the years and have been placed in competitions.

This is my first exhibition in Europe.

In 2016 I was selected to exhibit at the New signatures hosted by Sasol a chemical liquid company in South-Africa

I love Man Ray and his approach to life and his art. Picasso tickled me with his quote-‘ good artists copy, great artists steal or something like that. The YBA‘s are such fun. I love seeing their work up close and personal. I specifically enjoy the women artists from this era example Jenny Saville and Tracey Emin.

South Africa has some great conceptual artists. Dianne Victor, Penny Siopis and Jane Alexander and Zyma Amien. I do love the Japanese artists especially Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami. I look so forward to seeing Ai Wei Wei being hosted at the Belvedere in Vienna. So many great talents, too many to study.